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Web Design

Website Building

Web Design

Your online presence can be a powerful tool for your promotion

We are expertised in creating dynamic websites that adapt to your needs, using WordPress and OpenCart, promoting your identity and personal philosophy

  • E-shops
  • Hotel and accommodation websites
  • Company presentation websites
  • Personal presentation websites - Blogs

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Choose the appearance
of your Website

Our template recommendations are modern and relative to your profession, while they offer many adaptation possibilities, so you can choose the one that fits you best

After selecting the appropriate theme, we proceed to its configuration to modify it exactly to your needs, giving your website the appearance and the navigation options you desire

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Website Rebuild

Do you have a website and want to modify it? We analyze the points that need improvement on your website and we reconstruct it, making sure you have the desired results

We provide the possibility of Migration! We move the content of your website to a new platform so that we can improve the design and increase its security at all levels


Product Importing

We import your products in the e-shop, either manually if it is a small quantity, or by using an add-on along with XML or CSV files for their automatic import if it is a large quantity

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Accessible for people with disabilities

If you want your website to be easily accessible to people with disabilities, we provide the ability to use the latest version of the WCAG global accessibility standard


Merchant Links

We provide links to your e-shop, with trading platforms such as Skroutz, Best Price & Google Shopping

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Once we receive the necessary content from you, your website will be ready in about 2 weeks
In case you don’t already have the content for your website, we can create it at an additional cost. If you don’t have images to use on your website, we can also buy stock image packages to be used as content
Once your e-shop is completed, we deliver it along with basic training so you can manage it and import your products. If you do not want to import your products, we can do it at an extra charge
To start your sales, it is necessary to first advertise your website through Google ads and social media, as well as to connect with merchant platforms such as skroutz and best-price. The SEO service is also essential for your long-term appearance on the first page of Google’s organic results, so your potential customers can easily spot you
You have all the rights of the domain name and the files that compose your website as well as full access to its management and hosting
We specialize in using WordPress and OpenCart to build websites and e-shops
The cost of building a website varies, depending on your needs and requirements. The charge for a personal presentation website, which has quite small requirements, can not be the same as the charge for a large e-shop that contains many categories and products, as it takes more time, work, and cost to build it. In any case, after contacting you and analyzing your needs, desires, and budget, we formulate an offer to inform you in detail about the necessary cost of building your website
Website optimization and promotion are parts of the SEO service and is not included in the web design. We suggest that you select SEO service along with the web design, so you can appear on the first page of Google
It is not recommended to do any upgrades to your website yourself as the risks are many. It is very likely that after such an upgrade, your site will not work or security gaps, and errors will occur which will lead to the loss of your data. In order not to worry about the security of your website, we have the WordPress Maintenance service, through which specialized technicians undertake the maintenance of your site
We provide the ability for changes to the existing website to give it a renewed look and improved functionality