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Radio Hosting

Uninterrupted Radio Hosting


Our support team will guide you step by step while setting up your web radio station and start broadcasting in just one day



Keep the music on your station 24/7! AutoDj automatically plays the playlists you set at the times and days you want



Watch in real-time on your control panel your data statistics and information about your audience and streaming process



Unlimited number of connections to the Server so that all your listeners can listen to your broadcast uninterrupted

Radio Hosting Packages


Create your own radio hosting package, customizing its features to your needs and demands

128 kbps

320 kbps

100 listeners

Unlimited listeners

Not included

10 GB

Unlimited space

SHOUTcast V1

SHOUTcast V2

Icecast V2



Choose your sound server
SHOUTcast V2 and Icecast

SHOUTcast and Icecast software allows the digital audio content to be transmitted from your web radio

You can choose the proper software for your digital broadcasting with unlimited bandwidth and 100% availability.



Radio hosting is a web service that allows you to host a radio station on specific audio servers and broadcast online. Through the simple account-creating process, you can start the broadcast in one day.
The new account is prepared immediately after the payment is completed.
The mixer and microphone are equipment that you will only need if you want to broadcast live from your station.
We recommend SHOUTcast V2, as it is the latest version and has the highest compatibility rate, both in players and in live broadcasts.
By paying the difference between your current and your new account you can upgrade it immediately.
There is no limitation regarding the quality of music you will upload. You can go from very low quality to the maximum currently available on the market, i.e. 320kbps.

Prices do not include VAT