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SEO Website Optimization


Get more traffic by showing your website on the
1st page of Google's organic results



We locate the most proper & targeted keywords and after consideration, we place them correctly in the strongest points of your website



We make the proper adjustments to your website’s code, so it can load rapidly and be easily identified by search engines



We promote your website through networking, by posting links to friendly & relevant sites that will redirect the user back to your page

Optimization packages


Choose the SEO package that provides the proper optimization features, for the requirements of your website


  • Check & Analysis
  • Titles, Descriptions,
    Keywords, Headings
  • Image Optimization
  • Search Frienly URLs
  • XML Sitemap + Robots.txt
  • Focus on Keywords
  • Links (Internal,
    External, Outbound)
  • Page Suggestions
  • Blog Creation
  • Product Optimization
  • Keyword Development
  • Rebuild


  • Page Speed Insights
  • Google Webmaster & Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Unique Blog Posts
  • Duplicate Content
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Listings
  • Directory Submissions
  • Landing Pages and Link Building
  • Monthly Ranking Audit
  • Seo Score + Audit
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Organic Results

The appearance of your website in the organic (non-advertised) results is "earned" instead of being paid, while it requires time, a lot of work, and specialization to be done


Website's Speed

Fast loading is very important to increase your website‘s traffic. Google ranks the fast webpages higher, attempting to offer users high-quality results

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SEO is a multidimensional service, which is part of the digital marketing strategy. It focuses on optimizing your website to gradually bring it up to the top 1 of Google's organic (free / non-advertised) search results. The purpose of the service is to increase the resonance/traffic on your website.
Google is the most popular search engine. Users carry out searches by typing relevant keywords to get results in what they are looking for. With each search, Google displays results that are split into advertised (paid) and organic (free), with a set of priorities. The ones that appear on the first page contain the most relevant references, according to the search and this is the result we want to achieve by offering you this service.
Organic traffic is not paid like traffic from ads, so once the SEO strategy we implement pays off and the visibility of your website increases, so will its visits. The more visible a website is, the more it resonates and therefore increases the number of customers as well as your profit.
Google algorithms decide what caused the increase in your site's traffic, to rule out the possibility that it was an artificial result of paid spammers and automated bots or a natural consequence of reliable SEO practices.
The fast loading of your website is a very important criterion for achieving high traffic. The attention a user will pay to a website is quite limited and depends on its loading speed. Users tend to leave sites that are loading slowly. As Google wants to provide users with high-quality results, it chooses to rank fast web pages higher in the results.
There are many important SEO practices, to get you on the first page of Google. Some of the most important are on-Page optimization with proper titles and descriptions, and also the process of creating quality content with properly selected and placed keywords. Placing backlinks on reputable websites is very important as well as the correct placement of internal links for easy navigation on your website.
On-page SEO is about the optimization actions that will be performed on the website. We make sure that your website is loading at maximum speed and we optimize its content, using images, as well as including targeted keywords within titles and descriptions, always within the rules set by Google.
Off-page SEO focuses on all the optimization actions that take place outside of your website. In practice, the term is referring to the actions we do to promote the website and its content on the internet.
Linkbuilding is a process that takes time and planning to get done with the right way and involves finding suitable sites for placing links that lead back to your site, such as: Online directories, local business listing sites, if your business has a physical location. Website of a cooperative association, of which you or your staff may be a member. Companies you cooperate with, for example as a supplier or reseller. Hosting a post or article of your blog by a website related to your content. By citing your business on local press sites, post links to forums and sites with frequently asked questions and answers, as well as commenting on blogs
Backlinks are links placed in another website as a bibliographic reference. They are very important because they achieve an increase in your site’s appeal and reliability, which is presented as a source of information. The more valid the website, that your backlink is placed, is, the more credibility your site will gain.
Choosing the right keywords is quite a demanding process, especially if your business belongs to a highly competitive sector. Keyword research is very important and that's why we use many different tools to identify targeted keywords, make an assessment of their competitiveness and recommend the strongest pages of your site to be placed on.
Choosing the monthly optimization service of your website, you ensure your ranking on the 1st page of google. In any other case, there is a possibility that you will find your site in a lower ranking of organic results if a change in the Google algorithm occurs or due to the high competition.
SEO is a service that delivers the desired results over time and new websites take some time to rise in the search engine rankings. Competition and geographic area in which we want the website to appear in Google searches have a key role in this process. It's therefore understandable that if we want our website to be ranked on the 1st page of Google throughout Greece for specific keywords, much more work and time is required than if we want to achieve a stand-out spot for the website at the local level searches using the exact keywords.
SEO is an important investment, as it achieves a stable and strong digital presence, an increase in website traffic, resulting in a return on the money you will pay for the service. The cost of SEO and the choice of our service package depends on the needs of your website, the competition that exists in the field, its existing ranking, the amount of keywords to choose from and many other factors that differentiate the costing of the service from customer to customer. Through a free audit on the status and ranking of your website we can come up, with the SEO package you need.

Prices do not include VAT