Main Dishes

Each service is garnished with DDoS protection. Served immediately with 14 days money back guarantee in case of a bad taste.
Web Hosting Web Hosting
1.99 € / month

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth


300% CPU

Radio Hosting Radio Hosting
9.99 € / month

320 kbps Bitrate

Unlimited Bandwidth

100+ Listeners

Auto DJ

Dedicated Servers Dedicated Servers
60.00 € / month

No Setup Fees

16-32 GB RAM

Unlimited Bandwidth

1 Gbps Connection


Days in Business

Hits Served

Happy Customers

Finished Projects

Side Dishes

Usually served with the above dishes. Hot or cold, doesn't really matter at all!
Web Design Web Design

Top-Notch Quality

Fully Responsive

Free Hosting

Aftersale Support

Graphic Design Graphic Design

Branding / Logo

Business Cards


Advertising Banners

Social Media Management Social Media Management







It's totally on us! Just because we like offering what you deserve.

Humanistic Philosophy

We desire personal contact with you and our philosophy is centered on each customer separately as an individual, with the aim of progressing and interactive development.


Apart from our systems, designs, server upgrades that we execute on a daily basis so as to meet your immediate convenience, we are also here to design, develop and support your website for everything you request for.


We are always here to lend our hand and help you anytime for everything. We are highly trained and friendly ready to assist you 24/7. Moreover, you can always request your issue to be forwarded to the company CEO and get VIP support.


Best quality hosting at the cheapest prices reaching 99.995% uptime! Web support and transfer is always free for new customers.

To provide high quality services at the best price.
Your hosting at us is our specialty! Whether you choose web, radio, gaming hosting or design services, it doesn't really matter! We are the best in everything we provide.
We are a bunch of people who love working together, helping customers, having bright ideas for the future and beyond all that, we do have special knowledge in what we provide.
It means that you have the right to take a partial refund of the money in the first invoice of a selected service.
They are located in France, maintained with the best possible way.
We accept paypal, bank/wire transfer and bitcoins.

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