4 Years of HostChefs

We are pleased to inform you that HostChefs completes 4 years of dynamic presence in Greece. All these years we are next to the private and and entrepreneur who wants reliable web hosting and design services with fast support.

HostChefs is cellebrating 4 years of operation and provides you a 20% discount on all hosting services. A dream comes true and HostChefs opens its gates to the amazing world of the internet. We never believed it would come a day when every day our staff and partners throughout Greece will be growing. With steady steps having always on our side a perfect relationship of trust with all of you, we will continue to develop our services with even better prices knowing the economic difficulties of the country. In a world that the internet is the A and Z of a company, for an artist or even the mass media, HostChefs gives you the opportunity to have the best services at the lowest prices. Within these four years we have completed more than 55 big web projects, we have delivered more than 226 million hits to your websites and of course we have many satisfied customers.

As it would be obvious we do not stop here. We continue daily with gradual steps to become even better with more and greater services always considering your requirements. In order to thank you for your confidence these 4 years HostChefs offers 20% discount on all website and radio hosting from 01/02/2016 up to 01/03/2016. All you have to do is while completing your new order to use the coupon "4YEARS".

The cooking of the hosting services is just an inspiration for us.
Your hosting, our specialty.

HostChefs 2012 - 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

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